Friday, March 9, 2012

Kansas Boy

by Ruth Lechlitner

This Kansas boy who never saw the sea
Walks through the young corn rippling at his knee
As sailors walk; and when the grain grows higher
Watches the dark waves leap with greener fire
Then ever oceans gold. He follows ships,
Tasting the bitter spray upon his lips,
For in his blood up-stirs the salty ghost
Of one who sailed a storm-bound English coast.
Across wild fields he hears the sea winds crying,
Shouts at the crows - and dreams of white gulls flying.

Poem of America

by Vincent Norwood

The great old America,
234 years old,
The great old America,
May you stay free forever.


by Vincent Norwood

I want to the end
To slay the dragon
I gathered its egg
To hatch the wagon.

I went back to Earth
And my nice house,
If only i could have
A pet field mouse.

I built a pen,
For some sheep,
For the wool,
I want a heap.

The Enderdragon


by Vincent Norwood

I wish I could ride a dragon
Like a wagon.
I wish I could make a diamond sword
And become a Lord.

I made a portal to go to hell
But then I fell.
I spawned again and again
Right by a fen.

In a house above the  ocean
I brewed myself a lovely potion.

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